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Do you know how to classify flat assembled floors?
Do you know how to classify flat assembled floors?
  • Release date:2020-07-16
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Do you know the classification of flat assembled floors? It is made of high-strength polypropylene, with various sizes and specifications. The weight of each piece is between 45 grams and 250 grams. The service temperature is between-40℃ and 80℃. It has hollow structure and unique drainage design; It is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. Uniform and dense support foot design can effectively reduce the impact of vertical force, and has a wide application range. Under normal conditions, the service life can reach 10 years, and the sports life can be guaranteed for 8 years. There are 676 effective support points at the bottom of each assembled floor. On the one hand, the shock absorption and buffering effects are obvious; on the other hand, the sports forces are evenly distributed in all directions. In this case, if the ground is not flat enough and there are small pits, it will not affect the balanced stress of the assembled floor.
I. Outdoor series
1. Scope of application: handball, hockey, tennis, table tennis, roller skating, basketball court and other sports venues.
2. Features: High safety performance and good cushioning performance, and polypropylene material makes the impact performance of the floor better
Second, the indoor series
1. Scope of application: It can be used in roller skating courts, badminton courts, hockey courts, table tennis courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, etc.
2. Features: Exercise on the assembled floor can relieve the pressure during work and fatigue during the day.
Third, leisure series:
1. Scope of application: Flat assembled floor is a kind of multifunctional floor, which is suitable for all kinds of leisure sports fields, children's amusement parks, gymnasiums, entertainment centers, hotels and other non-arena places.
Can the assembled floor be used in swimming pool?
1. The floor of swimming pool should not be too hard, because if it is too hard, customers may be injured if they accidentally fall down. The raw material for assembling the floor is polypropylene, so its toughness and cushioning performance are quite good, which can reduce the impact on the body when falling down and protect the health of the body.
2. The floor used in swimming pool must have good waterproof performance. Assembled floor is a professional floor with strong waterproof performance, and the floor has strong adaptability to water. Therefore, it is very suitable for use in swimming pools.
3. The floor of the swimming pool should have a certain friction force. The surface structure of the assembled floor is a rice-shaped structure, which can have a stable friction force even when encountering water.
1. Anti-skid design: Double cross anti-skid stripes specially designed for assembled floors can not only prevent skid, but also transmit strong motion power, thus effectively preventing sports injuries.
2. Sports performance: It has a sports coefficient similar to that of the wooden floor for sports, with a sliding friction coefficient of 0.52 and a rebound rate as high as 95%.
3. Installation: Usually, a standard basketball field can be completed by four people in eight hours.
4. Color: The product has been professionally matte treated, which does not absorb light, reflect light or glare. It is consistent with the brightness of the light, which effectively protects the eyes and is not prone to fatigue.
5. In the installation of basketball court, the area of basketball stand is reserved, which does not affect the paving of assembled floor.
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