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What are the skills of choosing pvc sports floor?
What are the skills of choosing pvc sports floor?
  • Release date:2020-07-17
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As we all know, pvc sports floor is a very popular floor in various sports places. However, when faced with choices, do you feel confused? Green and environment-friendly ground materials are particularly important to the physical health of athletes. Therefore, when choosing pvc flooring, we should pay attention to whether the products have the test reports of polyethylene monomer, heavy metals, formaldehyde, volatiles and phthalate plasticizers issued by the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center and other authoritative institutions. Here are some tips for choosing pvc floor, so that you can stop worrying!
First look at performance:
I. Adaptability: pvc sports floor is suitable for any flat ground (such as concrete ground, marble ground, water mill ground, indoor ground, etc.), especially for multi-functional venues.
Second, comfort. After special treatment, the surface of the venue is consistent with the brightness of the light, which will not absorb light and reflect glare. It can better protect the athletes' eyes and is not prone to fatigue, with a total thickness of 4 mm. With the foam bottom layer as a buffer layer, it has more shock absorption and rebound, effectively reducing the impact of athletes' legs, making their feet feel comfortable, avoiding sports injuries and improving the athletes' level.
3. Durability and wear resistance. The site is made of high-quality pvc material, and the surface layer is specially treated to prolong the service life of the floor.
Four, moisture-proof, skid-proof, mildew-proof, antibacterial. Woven texture surface and reasonable friction coefficient provide sufficient guarantee for players to prevent slippery ground caused by sweat. Pvc is treated specially, which has the functions of mildew prevention and antibacterial.
V. firmness. The bottom surface of the foaming layer is treated with 544 pattern, and the reasonable weight can discharge the air inside when the site is spread out to form a vacuum, which is more adhesive and more stable when moving.
VI. Safety and protection. Judging by the antiskid degree, elastic comfort and impact absorption effect of the floor surface. The only guarantee of reaching the standard of impact absorption performance of pvc floor-adding zero calcium powder in foaming layer. Whether calcium powder is added to pvc floor can be judged by gently scratching with a hard object on the back of floor foam layer, and the floor with calcium powder will show the "natural color" of calcium carbonate (white of stone powder).
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