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What do you know about polymer nano floor?
What do you know about polymer nano floor?
  • Release date:2020-07-17
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Nowadays, a new type of environment-friendly locking floor decoration material, entitled "polymer nano floor", is also called polymer environment-friendly floor material. It is a popular product in Europe, America, Asia, Japan and South Korea, and is popular abroad. Since entering the Chinese market at the beginning of this century, it has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China. Because of its advantages of waterproof, anti-skid, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, simple installation, repeated disassembly and assembly, and recycling value, it has been widely used, such as indoor families, restaurants, hospitals, schools, office buildings, clubs, factories, public places, chain stores, ships, stadiums and other places.

It is a hollow structure, which has a good attraction effect. Modern architecture needs the requirements of "high quality and light weight", while modern commerce needs the effective control of logistics cost. The raw materials of our company's products are high-density polymer materials—high density and heavy weight. In order to differentiate this deficiency, the base plate is hollow, which naturally plays the role of reducing weight and cost.
The whole deformation of the floor caused by physical thermal expansion and cold contraction, which is reversible and can be recovered normally, is derived from the normal natural properties of objects, and all things have the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by changes in climate and environment. The effective solution is to reserve extended expansion joints in places such as walls all around when paving floors. It is the local or whole expansion and deformation caused by floor water absorption, such as warping, foaming, etc. The characteristic of "zero expansion" emphasized by "polymer nano" products lies in "zero water absorption expansion", which is an extension of waterproof concept.

The raw material properties of "polymer nano" are characterized by strong density, strong stability and strong water resistance. The absorption and release of water has no effect on the product, but the temperature is closely related to the stability of Huajiao floor-because the polymer material will produce plasticization at high temperature, and plasticization is to achieve colloid plastid-this kind of object can produce hardness and achieve stability only after cooling, so it is related to temperature.
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